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May 2013
(Updated: May 19, 2013)
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I just read the previous reviews and can confirm the truth of all they say. Kingsley is safe, friendly and quiet. The gate guards have to scan your ID card each and every time you go through the gate, and that's a bit of a hassle, but they're all very kind and respectful. Hearing the F-15s overhead, even during night sorties, is a thrill if you ask me. They have an awesome mission here ...and besides, my son is one of the guy's calling traffic. :o) One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the fierce winds in this area. I left my awning up overnight because, in fact, there WAS NO WIND. I have witnesses! But ONE gust ...ONE HUGE GUST...and over the top it went! Live and learn....
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October 22, 2013
It is common at EVERY military base I have been on or lived on that they scan your military ID card EACH and EVERY time you enter the base. This should NOT be a complaint in your comments. I would rather them scan and be sure than allow someone who isn't allowed (or worse) on base. Like you said . . ."live and learn."
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