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I have been staying here for awhile now; am stationed here in the ANG. While not having much in the way of facilities, it is very safe, clean, and convenient to town, where you can find more facilities, such as WalMart, and plenty of food stops. For a small town, Klamath Falls has pretty much all that you will NEED. The CG does have a dump station, and the price is definitely GREAT at $12/night. It is very quiet on base, even during duty hours, and when the jets are flying. Access to Gym is a huge plus; 24 hours, restrooms and showers, and right next door! The Gym showers are nice and HOT with good spray pressure. The only minor inconvenience I have found is the abundance of mosquitoes during warm weather; sprinklers come on twice a day near the Gym/CG. Make sure that you have a water pressure regulator, because the pressure is quite high. When you are parked in the CG, sunrise (flightline side) and sunset (Gym side) are directly to the sides of your rig, and the sun is quite bright coming in the windows!
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