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Aug 8-18 2017
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NEW 24/7 GATE...I've being going to Tinker past 3 years in the summer to visit our daughter who's husband is station here. Just want to mention that the gate hours have change. The gate on SE 59th St is day hours only and if they have the serpentine poles out then you'll need to go through the truck gate which a lot of times there's a lot of trucks going through inspection so you may wait a bit. There is a new gate 24/7 south of the base. They do have a large vehicle entrance there. I believe it's call Piazzo Gate. To get there take I-240 which is south of Tinker. Take exit 11 Douglas Blvd and go north. Turn left on SE 74th St. When you get to SE Midwest Blvd turn right and you'll be going into the gate just stay to the right lane. Once in the gate just follow the road and signs that say BX, Commissary, Medical Facility. The road will whine through a number turns. You'll pass the shoppette and gas station then the FamCamp entrance will be to the right. 
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May 01, 2018
Just left there 30 MAY 2018 on I-240 also can exit on exit 9 Air Depot road turn right on first road, SE 74 turn right to the first street on the left that is gate 24 "Piazza" SE Midwest Blvd, use right lane through the gate make first left turn go through the work gate, if you don't you will end up a block later at a dead end. Follow that road a couple miles until it turns into a "round-a-bout" take second exit to Patrol road about 1/4 mile turn left pass the gas station to the FamCamp. Also do to much new construction on the base several roads are closed.
1 results - showing 1 - 1