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Oklahoma 52402
December 2015
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Well, it is a full hook up park close to main post. It is near a creek and there is sort of a little park area where deer graze and geese wander in season. The sites are dirt/gravel and in fall the leaves are plentiful. Hook up all worked. I've been there twice and both times got site 1. The sites are mostly taken up with folks there on TDY or incoming PCS. The down side to site 1 is that it is near the bathroom at the corner of the golf course, sort of dual hatted. It seems that contractors on that part of the base like that bathroom so they pass near frequently during the day. There is a big dead/dying tree over the site. I note this because a branch about three feet long and 4" in diameter landed on the top of my coach making a nice scratch and eliminating a windshield wiper. Hopefully they'll get that under control. The place is what it is. Its not fancy but it is cheap and close to main post. There is no host and you probably won't see anyone from the Outdoor Rec crew. I did see the bathroom cleaners once. Their log seemed to indicate that they come by every three days or so.
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