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Oklahoma 52402
26 April 2014
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Some directions ... If coming from the south, east or west stay on 62 to the Sheridan road north exit. This takes you in a gate without any difficult barriers. Stay on Sheridan and the RecPlex will be on your right. Suggest you turn right just before the building then left 180 degrees to the parking in front of the building. Exit the RecPlex and return to Sheridan Road north. Stay on Sheridan until Fort Sill Blvd and turn left. Stay on Fort Sill Blvd to the end and turn left going past playgrounds. Turn right at the end of the road and immediately across the bridge is the campground on your right. NOW! First and foremost ... rates increased by slightly more than 4% 1 Sep 2013. Rates are now $17.00 per night and in MHO knocks the ratings way down for this park. This site (yes, I know it isn't official) as well as their own pamphlet where one pays AND the rates posted at the campsite still reflect $12.00/night. When asked about the increased costs and the discrepancies in published data the employees simply shrugged and said it wasn't their job, they just do what they are told. The folks at the RecPlex where one must register, while pleasant, were not helpful whatsoever. No instructions on how to get to the campground were given and no information about the surrounding area was available. (Yes, I asked.) And this is the main recreation complex for the base. All we were given was a very compressed map of the post on one side and Lawton on the other side. (After I asked.) The appearance of the campground suffers from the homesteaders and the grounds are kind of rundown. And the rental units are the worst as far as appearance goes. 30 Amp electric only, no showers and the restrooms could use attention. They seem to be used quite a bit by golfers in the know out on the links. I saw many tire tracks from carts and even saw them parked next to the restroom building a couple of times. The playground seems used more by locals than the campground residents and NO ONE seems to leash their pets. The only saving grace for this location is the trees. All sites to the north of the road should be able to get satellite and we had good 4G Verizon internet while here. If you must have trees, OK. I haven't checked to see if Lake Elmer Thomas rates increased as well. (Once again, the folks at the check in had no idea saying it's managed by a different organization.) If you can't get into Elmer or the rates are high, save your money, drive 50 miles west and stay at Altus AFB for $15.00.
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