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Oklahoma 52402
29 Oct-3 Nov 2012
(Updated: November 07, 2012)
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As stated in a previous review, limited sites because of the rentals. A couple more sites had the homesteaders, complete with boat and numerous vehicles. The site I had was #1 and it had a turnaround right beside it. The bathroom was directly behind the site, so every construction worker zoomed into the turnaround on the gravel drive making their quickest dash to the bathroom, dust a-flying. Bathroom wasn't stocked, so I guess they brought their own. The sites were okay, with new railroad ties being installed marking the sites. The site was full hookup and all worked well. The RR ties do need a break in between to allow sewer hose to remain level for dumping. The site was on the direct approach for the AAF and several flights during the evening were loud, but tolerable. I'm previously a cannon cocker and loved the impact sounds. We are prior military staying on a military base listening to the sound of freedom and will never complain about that. Loved the deer in the area everyday. I will stay again.
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