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August 14-16, 2011
(Updated: August 22, 2011)
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We have stayed in numerous FamCamps over many many years. This is the first campground that we would not recommend you stay at. First off, we left a voice mail per the reservation instructions. No one ever responded nor could we get anyone to answer the phone over several days and numerous phone call attempts. Upon arrival, we were told we needed to pay for check-out day also. We kept insisting that wasn't right until the gal called the manager. He explained the pricing to the gal and that part was corrected in the system. Later upon checking the receipt, I realized we were charged too much. Even though my husband had given the gal his retired military ID, were charged the civilian rate. Again, the manager came to the rescue and corrected the problem. He explained that the gal had only been there a week which explained a lot. The sites were nice enough for visitors but the long-term sites didn't seem to be held to any type of standard. Many sites had multiple vehicles, transportable storage trailers, boats, patoons, multiple dogs and cats. The was surprising given we were on a military base! The restrooms were rapidly deteriorating and didn't appear to have been painted or the worst part cleaned for extended periods of time. The laundry room wasn't much better. Dirt, layers of cobwebs decorated the walls while dead bugs lined the edge of closed washing machines. Yuck! The Beach House was obviously a nice place at one time. Some stalls had doors hanging off the hinges, the paint was peeling, wood had exposed dry-rot, electrical outlets were either missing or the covers were laying on the floor. The place hadn't been cleaned in forever. The lagoon was another story. Naturally the water levels were down in the constant 100+ degree weather. The water inside the lagoon was not only stagnant through no fault of the theirs but the trash and garbage inside the lagoon was disgusting. There was a huge trash barrel floating within reach. Seems no one cares. There seemed to be a full-time civilian maintenance staff on-site. Hummm? We realize with the economy the way it is that funds have been cut but there is no excuse for filth. If nothing changes or improves here, we will never stay here again nor will we recommend it to anyone.
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