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June 21, 2010 to present
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This was the first time we came up US75 normally we drive I35 to Springfield. I am sure glad we did the campground is great, we were met by 2 bucks and 8 Does just feeding on the grass as we park in spot 10 the geese came up looking for hand outs. After we got set up we seen an Eagle flying over the water looking for food, just soared around for a while. Now the hard part was getting checked in, we didn't see the drop box at the entrance so I called and got directions to MWR but they didn't say they were at equipment issue building (711). But all in all it was something to laugh about and have something to talk about at the evening meal. We used the Elk's in town and they had a great meal for the price in fact we had so much we had to take part of the meal with us, next time we split the meal. Small PX but who cares. My biggest complaint is about the previous campers, they left their trash inside the new BBQ's. As we walked around that is the biggest problem campers NOT cleaning up after themselves. If the Smart chapters wanted a place to hold a muster this would be a great place, 2 large BBQ pits, lot of tables for out side dinners or what ever. We I come back, you bet I will in fact I'll stay longer since I found out there a few things to see in the area. Only 4 campers now. Remember 25% off for golden age pass so that's $9.00 a night!
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