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Oct 2006
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This is an odd campground to rate. It is in an area deserving a rating of 5 but the campground is about a 2. The campground: 50 amp full hookup. Gravel level pads. Old beat up picnic tables. Grass and gravel. Pot hole interior roads. Big wide sites. The area: Located adjacent to a 59,000 acre wild life refuge in the Wichita mountains, the campground is on a section of the base complex but far off from the huge, huge Ft. Sill base itself. Lakes, streams, canyons, mountains and grassland prairies. A herd of 500 elk, deer, free roaming buffalo, open range Texas long horns. Surrounded by mountains and right on a lake. Wide open hill country of grassy rolling hills with wild flowers. The drive back into the campground is 8 miles from the gate. A 3 ? mile road goes up Mount Scott, which rises 2500 feet straight up from the plains? floor for a fabulous summit view of the whole area. Little town of Medicine Park is not to be missed. The commissary is so large, they offer a map as to where everything is located. The old historic fort museum where Geronimo was held (and died) is closed on Monday (the only day we had left to see it). The road to the Apache cemetery was also closed due to all the rain and rising creeks on the base. Next time? And this is a place we do want to return to and finish seeing and ?doing? the area. Maybe when it isn?t raining.
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