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Jul 15 - Aug 15, 22
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I am a retired disabled marine and myself and my two young daughters and my service dog stayed here. Firstly I want to say we have stayed in several rv parks in the last year exploring our country and NEVER have we been treated like this. I believe they need new camp hosts because cleaning and basic maintenance seems to be a problem that they don't want to deal with, and they don't really like you using the shower or laundry. Unfortunately an injury forced us to stay as i was unable to tow. We would have happily left sooner if it were at all possible. I believe some of these reviews were written by Linda herself. And the advertised prices were not what we were charged! We were charged $720, for the 4 weeks in total we had to stay. Upon arrival I was told my service dog was not allowed in the bathrooms,in the laundry room, we were lectured about where we can and cant take my service dog to go to the bathroom and if any was found we would be kicked out immediately. I was lectured yes lectured as if I were a child not a veteran entitled to be here. -note: we ALWAYS clean up after our dog and to be honest my dog poops bigger than some of the dogs here so his poop would be very telling where it came from. We were told not very nicely that they found poop and of course they came straight to us. I informed her that she was wrong and that we take care of our pet I told her shes got the wrong dog-as I said my dog shits bigger than these dogs so she just wanted to harass us. If you camp here be ready to be watched like a hawk. She didn't like my childrens boogie boards that they were sliding down the hill on. She came the first time to tell us that they are going to mow and everything (2 boogie boards) had to be picked up. So of course we picked up and stowed the boards under the rig. Low and behold no mowers. So my girls were playing again and she came to tell us once again that we couldn't have anything outside or on our table, we were made to bring in towels that were drying from the girls swimming. So I wanted to know who these rules applied to and low and behold Linda and her husband had things out all night as well as other rvers. I was lectured numerous times about the laundry room (we didn't even bother to use it-it just wasn't worth the hassle of listening to her again), and that if they find any dog hair they will shut it down. That's fine and well but I know she doesn't lecture the other campers like this. She runs this rv park as if it is her own little kingdom, we actually had to go off base to do laundry because if I had to hear another lecture I think her feelings were going to be hurt. The ONLY thing good I have to say about this park is that it was centrally located in okc. I don't know if she doesn't care for single mothers, children, or service dogs but she had a bee in her bonnet and it was a horrible stay. We will NEVER stay here again and I will make sure to tell all my fellow brothers and sisters in service that you won't find peace here. I would suggest finding a new camp host to make this a true FAM CAMP.
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