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October 2019
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We arrived to LETRA using the Apache Gate, and the site we reserved online was occupied by another RV, no biggie we thought the park was half empty, we'll just go and get another one at the office. The gentlemen in the office was confused as to why "I" picked a spot that was already assigned to a full timer, he preceded to spend the next 20 minutes looking up my reservation and then confessed that he forgot to block out the full timers spots on the computer for that month. At first glance this place looks beautiful with the rolling hills, forest, wildlife and the lake. Then you drive to your site and see the full-timers. It appears people have been living there for YEARS, some of the full timers have wooden fencing, decking and one had rabbit fencing, others have washer/dryers, refrigerators and freezers outside of there RV's. I saw one site had a tool shed, another site had 3-grills, another had tons of random junk laying around. They also need to stop advertising WIFI because it doesn't exist. The sewer connection was approximately 11' above the ground, which made it impossible for gravity to do its work. Bath house was dirty, laundry was dirty but machines were all working. LETRA fam camp has turned into an trailer park and it's really sad because it could be awesome. Now the positives, it is located in a beautiful place, the commissary and px were great. Go visit all the Indian Chiefs graves and museums on post. Lastly take a trip to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge and Medicine Park.
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