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22 July thru 29 July - 2018
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DO NOT USE YOUR GPS WITH THE GATE COORDINATES> The gate off of 49 is CLOSED on weekends. You can enter the Base from either 44 or 62. HIGHLY recommend using the Sheridan gate off of 62 as it is wider and you will be more comfortable taking your rig through it. We got through the gate off 44 (again Sheridan - imagine a horseshoe that connects the Base to 2 major roadways) but it was hairy!! If entering from the Sheridan gate off of 42 follow Sheridan down all the way to Mow-Way, right then follow down to Tower two Road, again right... Follow to "T" in the road and you will start to see signs for LETRA... If entering from 62 on Sheridan then follow Sheridan to Mow-way and take a left... Down to Tower two Road and take a right... Follow down to the "T" and go left... I promise, you will not die! Very, very basic camp - no shade so it is HOT today (104*). The camp staff was extremely friendly and welcoming so that is a definite plus. Good for a couple of nights in the summer, might be better for a longer term during the spring or fall. 
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