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Ohio 73592
September 2017
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We have been traveling on and off for the past 18 months. We try to stay in military campgrounds whenever possible. This campground was the most expensive and least amenities of any military campground we have been to. Firstly, do not follow your GPS, Look for 2 large stone pillars and enter the base at the pillars. Another first, there is no gate, no security, no IDs required, never encountered that before! We were there for 2 nights/3 days. We saw the lady at the conference center check in. We saw exactly one car on the road. That is it.This place is deserted. One other RV in the RV park, but never saw any people with it. The whole experience was just bizarre. A well kept base and not a soul to be seen.The Exchange was never open.The only laundromat was located next to the Exchange (not in the RV Park).No lights in the RV area.There were lights at the hotel close by.Nobody staying at the hotel though.We travel the country with our dog. Saw numerous signs saying dogs not allowed anywhere on base except the RV park.No walking around, no going to the fishing pier.Not sure why, nobody was around to be bothered by a dog. The hookups at your site are locked.They give you a key for them and the bath house when you check in. No cable, no WiFi in the RV area and $40 a night.Very unlike the dozens of military campgrounds we have visited in the past. 
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September 17, 2018
This review is SPOT ON, and I couldn't say anything better or add to it. Bizarre, but clean, but too high priced for no amenities. Not your typical Military FamCamp situation. Wont be back (unless they drastically drop the price).
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