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September 2017
(Updated: October 01, 2017)
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Stayed here years ago. A great improvement from years ago. This place has improved. But does not rate a 5.0 as some have given on here. It is your average, in some ways below average, military camp ground. Host hubby and wife. Kinda over board. Lots of home steaders still living full time as it was years ago. With increase of transient RVs about time the home steaders are told to move on after a 30 day stay? Some contractors in that homesteader mix. Few transient people had to rotate from full hook up to partial. There were a few dry camping as well. Should be indicator that time for the homesteaders to move on.
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October 18, 2017
Have been visiting here for many years. Currently this is the best this famcamp has ever been. Staying here now and only 3 of 54 sites available (all in overflow - elec. and water only). Unknown, apparently, to most who stay here, there are a number of long-term campers. Most are students doing grad or post-grad work on-base at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
October 20, 2017
Wrong. The homesteaders at this Famcamp are not students.
They are contractors, military retirees and other active duty.

The years I have visited this fam camp I have only known of one student doing post grad work.

Get your facts straight before posting something. You do now know what you talking about.

The guy in space 12 retired. Working now as contractor. His neighbors for the next 5 or so space are military retirees.
The guy in small trailer, with pop out bed, is retired military also a contractor.

Almost everyone of the long term homesteaders on the back row are retirees and/or contractors. A few active duty mixed in.
That is active duty assigned to WP.

This is not a housing area. Nor a mobile home park. It is a fam camp for all to enjoy. The homesteaders here have taken, and keep, all the prime spots. They act like they own the place.

The guy in 12 has a temper. He comes on as being Mr nice helpful guy. Wrong. Watch out for him.

October 20, 2017
yes the place has been cleaned up some.

But does not rate a 5.0 in any cat.

You people are so shocked with the place being cleaned up, you rate anything there a 5.0

The homesteaders need to move on. Or at least do what other FamCamps have done. Stay X days then move out for X days.

The homesteaders in the back row have not moved in years.

3 results - showing 1 - 3