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October 2016
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Very nice campground with some pull-thrus available. Nice restroom/shower and laundry facilities with wifi at the restrooms. Staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. Level sites. Off season camping spaces were available, but there are some homesteaders who told me they have been allowed to stay 364 days a year, then have to move for only 24 hours, but move right back. 
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November 30, 2016
Was it a person in the office that did this?
or one of the over aggressive camp ground host there?
or the very territorial guy who thinks he runs the place there?

Sorry about your emergency. I also have never heard of such a policy. Especially if they are told in advance.

Contact the MWR Director. Do not deal with the host or the ODR office. Or do as suggested above, contact the Wing Commander's office for assistance.

The camp is nice. Improved much. There still remains a bunch of homesteaders there who think they own the property.

The woman host is very good and nice. The male-female combo host need to improve their customer service skills.

A friend of mine told me that he was jumped on by the homesteader there who is in space 12. This guy thinks he can tell people what they can post on here.

If a negative comments upsets that guy that much, he needs to move on.

His 5th wheel has not moved a inch in years. He acts like he is the base commander. Aggressive and RUDE.

If anyone experiences his rude aggressive behavior a complaint needs to be made above the ORD office.

Time for the homesteaders there to move on.
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