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JUNE 2016
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Visited this FC a few times over the years. Yes, has improved. This improvement can be directly linked to volunteers doing the improvements. MWR on this base has long over looked this camp ground. Thankfully, one certain person got involved and his involvement caused all of the improvements. If this one person, a long term camper, had not got involved the place would be in bad shape as it was for years. MWR has done little for this campground. You can thank the volunteers for the improvements. Agree with roundTire's comment about the mowers. They need to exhaust the mower away from RVs. The debris from their mowers are blasting small rocks towards the RVs. Someone, be it the operator or MWR, will pay for damages to RVs. Dog owners are dog owners. They think their dogs rule. And they, the owner, is exempt from the rules. We even saw the camp ground host taking her two dogs into the laundry room. All need to follow the rules. We also heard comments about MWR at this base not reading ICE comments. We were told the negative comments are deleted. Not a way to run a business! Take the good with the bad. Act on the negative comments as well as the positive ones. MWR can, and should, read and act on the negative comments. If this is true, what a shame. If you feel your comments were not acted on, or trashed by MWR, then submit them directly to the Commander Wright Patterson AFB. And state in your comment why you are submitting a comment directly to the Commander. Instead of on ICE.
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