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May and August 2016
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Like other visitors, I'm taking the time to post a review because of the outstanding work done by Victoria, the WPAFB Famcamp host. As others have pointed out, Victoria and unpaid volunteers who are (I think) homesteaders really do work very, very hard and make this place feel pleasant, safe and friendly. In fact, one day I suggested to Victoria that she take a break! They are currently in the process of moving all of the long-term folks, like TDY/AD military, into the non-pull-thru spaces. The result of all their effort is that the grass is mown, the campground is orderly, public spaces are clean, and checking in and out is done with oversight. Victoria has a golf cart and is consistently seen monitoring the coming and goings. She'll help spot you as you back in, review the rules in a very friendly way, and makes sure you get a receipt for your payment. They use cones on each site for the reservation system, so if you pull in after hours just look for your name on the clipboard attached to the cone. I guess my only suggestion for the campground is that the laundry/shower facilities need to be expanded. Even aside from the AF Museum, which is awe-inspiring, Dayton is an ideal place to pause enroute from west to east and back, so expanding the Famcamp here would be a blessing to service members and their families AND the base. FSS CCs who are looking to increase revenue for the base truly need to realize how many military retirees are out on the road with their RVs and whose site fees could make an enormous difference to the FSS budget for all sorts of programs on base--think tens of thousands of dollars! There appears to be a great deal of unused land behind the campground, too, so even more revenue could be generated with a reasonable extension of the sewer/electric infrastructure. The last suggestion I'd like to make (presuming the FSS CC reads this) is to repair the dock on the lake, which is right next to the campground. It's a beautiful(!) lake, but it's unsafe to use the dock because its falling apart. Specifically, just 1 one entry point onto the long dock out of 3 is stable and above water. I enjoyed walking over to the lake each morning with my dog, who is an avid swimmer and ball-chaser. It was so fun! Even though it's terribly confusing to find things at WPAFB (except the golf course, which very obviously IS a priority for base leaders), it's still a worthy stopover spot for RVers. Think smart, guys; expand the Famcamp and pay Victoria what she's worth. OH, AND....create a link to the FSS leadership so that they can get campers' feedback. You seem to be hiding who is accountable for the Famcamp; that's counterproductive.
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