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Sep 8-15 2015
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First visit to this Famcamp and it was enjoyable. The park was well kept and clean. Didn't experience any of the "host" problems others have spoken of. There was a gentleman, Nick, that meet us as we arrived and escorted us to our site. Someone was in our assigned site and Nick immediately called Outdoor Rec and got us another site. Nick told us that the former host had died in August of cancer and there was a notice in the laundry room about the death of this individual. Nick was very friendly and was seen daily escorting new arrivals to their sites, doing general cleaning, and weed eating around the utility poles for the grass cutter. As far as the campground itself, it is far away from everything. The Wi-Fi is working now in the park, but is very slow. For no more amenities that the park has, the cost is a little high. If we are ever in the area again, we would not hesitate to stay here.
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September 18, 2015
Bandaid, Nick (guess I can use the name too...thought no names permitted on here) is not the host. No one is appointed as the host.
He does a good job of trimming, weeding, directing people etc. But he is not the host.

Problem with Nick doing all of those nice things is MWR is not doing their job. They are getting over. When Nick goes away who will be doing all of those things Nick did? Not MWR. They will do nothing. OR as little as possible.

Hate to bring the facts to you, the guy who died was not a host. Got me where you came up with that. He was a MWR employee. And a mediocre one at that. Only thing that motivated him was Nick. Nick pushed him and tried to get him in the right direction.

He did not die of cancer. Fact. He died of liver and kidney failure. He indulged too much with Mr Beam or Mr Beam's buddies.

Good post you made. But some of your info is wrong.

September 19, 2015
He was not a host. MWR Outdoor Rec employee.

Of all the MWR employees he did the most, or attempted to do, for the Fam Camp,

But was not a self starter. Go getter. Nick got him going.

Wonder what the place would be like without Nick there.

Heard from many at the camp ground directly. Died from taking meds and drinking big time. Liver and kidney failure.

Place needs a host. But MRW at WP will never get one. They love running everything on the cheap.

November 10, 2016
Home steader in number 12 thinks he owns the place.

Read how he did that camper.

Wrong thing guy!
3 results - showing 1 - 3