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Sep 3rd 2015
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Read previous reviews and didn't find some of the problems that others pointed out. The main problem we had was the directions on this web site. We came in the gate 26A and followed the directions to the brown sign. The sign only had in tiny letters Bass Lake with an arrow pointing to the left and FamCamp with an arrow [pointing straight ahead. The other side of the sign which we didn't see had in large letters "FamCamp Sign-IN" and an arrow pointing to the right which you can only see if coming from the other direction. I followed the tiny sign that said FamCamp straight ahead. Going down that road about a quarter mile I then saw a campground off to the left. The sign in front of the campground said "FamCamp Annex". I thought to myself if this was the "FamCamp Annex" there must be a full campground further down the road, WRONG! After following the road for a mile or two I ran into a security patrol and asked him where the FamCamp was. He said to turn around and follow him. Not a fun thing to do with a 5th wheel. I found an intersection large enough to make a three point turn and followed him back to the FamCamp Annex. So, the FamCamp Annex is not an annex it is really the FamCamp. Someone needs to remove the word Annex from the sign and change the other direction sign adding "FamCamp Sign-IN" with an arrow pointing to the left on the gate 26A side of the sign. Although WiFi is advertised it hasn't worked since we have been here. My wife ran into a technician working on it and he seemed pretty positive that it would be working when he was finished. You can connect to the router but the router is not connecting to the Internet. I agree that they shouldn't allow homesteaders taking the best sites. If they allow homesteading they should have specific sites assigned, not the best ones. I also agree a camp host would be useful since the office is across base.
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September 04, 2015
I don't see how you can blame the website directions for the lettering on a "small brown sign" on base. If you have better directions, please provide them to me so I can update the website. Thanks!
September 04, 2015
Years ago the Fam Camp was at Twin Lakes area. And the Fam Camp ANNEX was one row of RV spaces by the K-9/ammo dump. So the sign "Fam Camp Annex" was put up. When Twin Lakes area was closed the new Fam Camp was built where the "inner full hook up" spaces are now located. The new Fam Camp was built in the same area (Annex on K9 side of the bath house) and the new Fam Camp on the front of the bath house) where the old annex used to be.
PROBLEM: They never took down the Fam Camp Annex sign. MWR has been told many times to remove that sign. Nope, as usual MWR did nothing. So you have the old Annex adjacent to the new Fam Camp. The "new Fam Camp" was built in approx 1998 or so. Yep long enough for MWR to do something. But hey it is Wright Patterson...typical.

The homesteader who has done much for the Fam Camp is working on, or trying to get MWR, changing the sign.

The office closes few years ago at Bass Lake. You now have to pay, or call in, to MWR at bldg 95 for payment/reservations.

Shame the can never get their act together at WP. The Fam Camp there could be a very nice place and kept full. But due to POOR management and lack of oversight the place is a mess.

Two very well maintained Fam Camps in the area are:
1. Atterbury NG Base. Cable TV, fire wood brought to your space. Mowed every day. Clean, and I mean clean, rest rooms/shower room. Good food in the dining facilities on base, nice USO, etc; and,
2. Fort Knox Ky. Nice place. New office, bath house, cabins, lodge etc.

Too bad Wright Patterson can not do the same.

Biggest problem with WP's Fam Camp is NO over sight, management...out of sight out of mind.

Be careful when making reservation with the office. Make sure you know who you spoke with and get receipt.
2 results - showing 1 - 2