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Wife and I PCS'd from JBER, AK in Sept '14 (wife is active, I'm retired). The housing situation was bleak. We stayed at the FAM camp until just after Christmas. We were thankful to have a safe and convenient place to stay. Initially we lived in our class C, but by mid Oct we had purchased a very large 5th wheel, to live in permanently. Yes, I said permanently, like 9 others were HAVING to do. A few of the 9 have lived their for 2-4 years, to date. There was a doctor who lived there for 4 years, during his entire tour. We were of the mind to do the same, but were finally moved into the on base by surprise. Outdoor Rec has issues with maintaining this facility, especially during the winter months, Oct thru April. The full-time residents, by being there long-term, help keep the place running. Without them and their monthly ($500/month) fees, ODR would be forced to close down the CG. So, yes, there are some who are there long-term. They are required to move out at least once a year, and they do this as required. They, like any camper, have the right to select the site they want. This may not seam fair to the rest of the world, but if you were in their shoes and had that opportunity, you would do the same. As for the CG host...Having a CG host helps to keep visitors directed, especially those who feel the need to "let their hair down". The CG host, as well as all campers/visitors have the right to a good camping experience. The CG host helps to insure that everyone is treated fairly and that the facilities, like the new, expensive, most beneficial washer and dryers, are taken care of and not abused. Yes, there have been some abuse, believe it or not, of our facilities and we must work hard to police the area. The current CG host is new to this volunteer position. He works long days, weeks, months, and at the same time, helps to facilitate the needs of campers concerns, especially during winter months when there are very few people available to provide support. He may not be your ideal CG host, but he is a welcomed volunteer. Give him time, he's adjusting to these new and strange duties. Being a retired military person, like many of us, he expresses an authoritative style of leadership "habits". Oh well. This CG experiences many travelers, especially those still in uniform who need and deserve to have a place to rest their heads, have their families with them and do their jobs while both working and playing here at WPAFB. The missions here are very complex, and this FAM camp fulfills many needs of the military men and women assigned here. Please be patient and respectful, and try and enjoy your time and stay here at WPAFB. We need to keep ALL our CG's, so help us keep this one too! Thanks!
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June 13, 2015
Thank you for your comment. But.....

Few things to clear up....

The homesteaders DO NOT move out once a year. Please, double check your facts. Been to WP Fam Camp many times and have many friends who have done the same. They keep in touch with me and provide me up to date info. Together we have kept data on the homesteaders. They DO NOT move out once a year. I confirmed this with MWR.

The homesteaders there DO have to move to another spot within the camp ground once a year. That if IF someone from MWR is watching and counting the days. Which is hardly ever.

Most, if not all, of the homesteaders there have been in the SAME spot for years. Sorry bud, but this is unfair.

The place is not a mobile home park. Nor housing. Never was and never should be. It is a FamCamp.

I have not met this "host" you are referring to. But from what I have been told, the guy has NO authority to tell anyone anything there. Period.
NO ONE has been appointed as camp ground host at WP Fam Camp. Better check your facts.

If this "host" told you he is the host, he is NOT.

From what I have been told, he is bossy and thinks he owns the place because he has been there so long. ALL Fam Camps need, and most do, rotate host every so often. To prevent the "I am base commander" attitudes some of these homesteaders get.

Agree, it is nice to direct and assist campers coming into the FamCamp. It is a long way to the office.
But, don't give people the idea that there is an OFFICIAL appointed host there. THERE IS NOT.

So, this wanna be needs to back off some and not act like he owns the place. Your logic of "ex mil so has a bossy style" DOES NOT FLY.

How does this wanna be host you are talking about ensure the new washers and dryers are care of and not abused? Does he sit in the laundry room 24/7?

And no, the MWR will not fall apart if a few, five at most, if the homesteaders were not there in the winter time. You trying to tell us that a handful of homesteaders for a few months staying there all winter will make or break MWR at WP? don't think so. Get your facts together.

"Without them and their monthly ($500/month) fees, ODR would be forced to close down the CG." Are you joking? Get your facts together!

The other side of that coin is MWR has to maintain the place for a few, 4 or 5 campers at most, all winter. NOT 9 as you say. Has to have things fixed, collect fees, provide snow/ice removal, operate utilities etc. Security/fire has responsibility to respond for a few winter campers running space heaters to argument their RV furnaces.

So again, your facts are incorrect. It would be more cost effective to turn the water off at the main, cut power off and don't worry about fees and a few campers out there all winter long....than to keep the place going. WP MWR will not go broke cause four or five campers didn't stay there all winter.

Come up with a better one than that.

I personally know many mil and civ camp grounds that shut down during the coldest months as a cost saving measure. WP MWR needs to follow suit and save money vs having 4 or 5 campers space heating there all winter.

Please don't try to sell me, or others, on here that these 4 or five campers are "saving" the place from shutting down. THEY ARE NOT.

Police the area? Isn't that MWR's job? and/or Security Forces?

Hey guy, grown ups stay at WP Fam Camp do not need a baby sitter. The place has never had a camp host and has not missed out on anything.

With a rep from MWR out there at the peak hours in the summer months, the same, if not better, can be accomplished WITHOUT a wanna be host there causing trouble.

I do not know where you came up with the fact there is an officially appointed host there.

You had better check with MWR director. You might find out you are wrong.

You state you moved out of the Fam Camp in December? What is your take in this now? Are you the mouth piece for the FamCamp?

Doctor living there for four years? WHAT?? I have been to that FamCamp many times, and know many who go there often. I have never known, or ever heard of, a doctor living in the FamCamp at WP.

The place is not housing.

"The missions here are very complex" what the heck does that mean? WP is the most "college" campus base of them all. Low stress. More days off than other bases. So what does these "missions" have to do with a wanna be camp host or a few homesteaders?

It is not this wanna be camp host's job to ensure everyone is treated fairly. You pay MWR. Get your spot. Most move on. Want to talk about fairly?
Have the homesteaders who have taken the best spaces and do not move, at best move to one space then back to their space again, MOVE out of the FamCamp after 90 days. Be gone for 30 days. or a combo to that effect.

Many bases have the policy stay X days, leave for X and then stay for X again. Keeps them rotating. Keeps these wanna be camp hosts from popping up.

From what I have been told this wanna be host, goes around telling people to mow their spaces! This is CE's or MWR's job. This is NOT for a paying customer to do. If that is the case and campers are to mow their own, then lower the fees for labor, mowers, fuel etc.

From what I have seen and heard, everyone camping at WP Fam Camp is respectful. So why do you even mention that? are you implying that this wanna be host is the town cop who makes everyone be patient and respectful? give us a break guy ............

June 14, 2015
Housing tight?
Wrong! We live in the area. There is ample housing. Always been that way. Off base and on base as well.

Doctor living as a homesteader?
Makes enough not to be homesteading. Including your retired now working second job want to be host out there.

Active duty are paid COLA, housing money etc. many commands have found it to be illegal for these types to homestead on base.

All of the homesteaders at WP are there by choice. Saving a buck and close to work.

They are not there because of any housing shortage as you say.

I will send a written letter to the command regarding the homesteaders there. Especially active duty ones.

As Blackhawks stated, this is not housing or a mobile home park.

I also agree that homesteaders out there in minus degree weather running space heaters to keep warm is a hazard.

Also agree MWR will not close down the CG if the winter few are gone.

Please get your facts together before trying to snow us again.
February 15, 2016
Patient and respectful is one thing; having "permanent" residents who are undergoing chronic medical treatment requiring mid-day quiet hours in a OUTDOOR RECREATION facility was way beyond that.

Yes we sympathized - but that didn't make our stay enjoyable!
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