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April 2015
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Stopped in for a few days recently. Some improvements made. New washers and dryers. Office is no longer at Bass Lake (close to FC). Call in for reservation and pay on phone. Or, go to building 95 and pay in person. Homesteaders still there. Still have the prime spots. Should be a policy that they have to move out for 30 days and come back. Or change spaces. They get the best spaces and never move. Do what other camp grounds do. Stay for 90 days and move on for 90 or something of that sort. We were told there is a wanna be camp ground host now. He is one of the homesteaders. Seems he wants to run the place. Even though he has NO authority to do so. We did not see or hear from him. Had he started some nonsense with us I would have told him to get lost. Many camp grounds have hosts. But the host is well vetted and is a outsider. Not someone who is a long term homesteader. These types get the attitude that they run you and the place. They need to be reminded they have NO authority to tell anyone anything. Helping out some is fine. Being bossy and having a attitude of "I own the place cause I live here full time" is no good. Few people told us they are tired of this wanna be camp ground host already. We will submit a comment to MWR head about this guy. Best to stop this nonsense before he starts to get out of control. From a few years ago, the place seems to have improved.
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