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August 2014
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Recently stopped in the WPAFB FamCamp. Have not been there in years. Good news the "lady" who worked in the office at Bass Lake is now retired. That is the biggest improvement to the place. Minor work has been recently accomplished. Such as: painting the bath house, new washers and dryers, information board outside bath house, etc. Long term folks, homesteaders, still living full time in the back row by tree line. Agree communication with office is horrible. Be careful when dealing with the woman in the office who has English GB accent. Received reports of her not crediting accounts. Forgetting who she put where etc. ALWAYS get a written receipt. Grass has not been mowed in ages. This may be typical for bases now due budget cuts. Heard reports of one camper going around at night shinning flash light into people's faces telling them to stop talking. Word from other campers this was a drunken guy who was out at 9 pm being rude to others telling them to "shut up." Word is the campers were merely talking. No loud music, just talking. Takes all types. But we don't need this type of "town cop" in a FamCamp. Further, heard this was reported to the office by two or more people and nothing was done to this guy by anyone from the office. He should have been given a one way ticket out the gate. Which brings me to this point, support from the office has always been lacking at this FamCamp. After hearing this report of non support by the office regarding this rude hostile person, seems nothing has changed. Smoking and pets in the laundry room: nothing has changed over the years regarding pets/smoking in the laundry room. No signs put up saying NO SMOKING / NO PETS in laundry room or bathrooms. Same problem here when we stopped in few years ago. MWR needs to put/paint signs in the bathrooms and laundry rooms stating NO SMOKING - NO PETS IN LAUNDRY ROOM/BATHROOMS.
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