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May 15-22, 2013
(Updated: May 25, 2013)
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We showed up with no reservation on a Wednesday afternoon. Our surprise was that the office at Bass lake was closed for the winter on last Oct 21. After looking at the map posted on the door, we made our way to building 95, Outdoor Rec, on the main part of the base. The cargo trailer with the "Rent Me!" sign made it easy to locate. The cost was $125 whether it was for 5/6/7 nights. We had only passed through once before years before so we stayed for the week. Since this was the weekend of the ham radio convention that 25,000 people attend in Dayton, we expected only dry camping at the most. We were given a pull through. There were many back-ins available with sewer and more than a dozen w/e overflow available. By looking for antennas we found three other ham couples there to attend the convention. The famcamp was well maintained, and the grass mowed while we were there. We found no wifi at the camp so we located the library in the Kitty Hawk area, the smallest we have found on any installation but it had both computers and wifi, in the area of the BX, Commissary & Gas station. It was a surprise to us to learn that the gate by this area also had a 24hr gate which makes eating at restaurants on Fairborn's Main Street easily accessible. The information book maintained in the famcamp laundry room provides several choices. We enjoyed both the convention and the Air Force Museum. If you are crossing the country on I-70, this is a convenient stopover. We will make it a point to stop here again.
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