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March 30-5 April 2013
(Updated: May 16, 2013)
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The staff at Outdoor Rec was very helpful to get our reservation, and do the best with their budget problems. Eric was great and followed up as he promised. However, in the week we stayed, I never saw any staff at the facility. I paid my bill via telephone charge, and never went by the Outdoor Rec facility. The security police drive by the facility all night long which is next to the Military Dog Training facility, but never stop to see if anyone has any problems. I forgot to bring a heated hose to fight off the sudden cold we experienced in early April. The water supply valve froze while we were out before we realized it was going to get down to 23 degrees that night. We showered the next days in the bath house that was tolerable, and heated and didn't get to use our coach shower. Many of the water valves and sewer valves throughout the campground were in bad condition. Not sure the voltage is regulated properly on the 50AMP side, cause my HDTV didn't work anymore and I had to replace it when returning home. There appeared to be full time other "working" residents that stayed inside and you never found anyone to talk to anywhere. Must have been a unfriendly time of year, or "Ohio folks" nature. The campground may experience more hard times on fixing more of the problems from neglect in the future. The Base with so many Gate closures is hard to navigate through at different times of the day. The BX, Commissary and Home & Garden/Class Six and the Museum are first rate, and best part of visiting there. Next time- no April visits for us.
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