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May 2013
(Updated: May 08, 2013)
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Being retired Air Force and a full time RVer, I have experienced many military RV camping facilities across the nation. Other than being a good location for the National Air Force Museum, it has very little going for it. The worst part of the experience was dealing with the Camp Host/Recreational Facilities people. Not only were they unfriendly but it is almost impossible to contact them by telephone. If it wasn't for the Museum, we would not have stayed the night! I just wish that I could include photos of the ten inch dandelions surrounding our campsite, to provide a visual impression of the quality of this campground. The entire base is inundated with these weeds. Also, regarding the base in general, I have not experienced such a difficult base to traverse. There are very few signs indicating the direction to popular destinations. And, worse than all of that, there are no current maps of the facility that are available from any source. If we do return to see the Museum, we will stay at a campground that is off of the base.
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