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July 2012
(Updated: August 09, 2012)
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JE, having stayed at the WP FC many times over the years, I am hard pressed to see any "improvements" the now retired manager did for the facility. Hopefully she took all her useless orange cones with her! We were there the day the "new" fam camp opened at WP. And from that day on it has been nothing but a down hill slide. Mostly caused by her and her horrible attitude towards customers. Like the USAF Seaward FC manager, the woman at WP FC has ran many customers off with sheer nonsense. (note: Seward USAF FC is closing at the end of August.. another place sitting on a gold mine but due to poor management: ruined). Glad you enjoyed her and the famcamp. Sorry to say, the place could have, and should have, been ran much better under her. No loss finding out she is gone. Hopefully, whoever runs the WP FC can make improvements. Starting with CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTITUDE. Under her, customer service and attitude was horrible and it showed. This seems to be the problem with many of the military famcamps... the managers start thinking they are the base commander and develop a attitude when suggestions are made to improve the FC.
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