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June 2012
(Updated: June 07, 2012)
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Some improvements have been made; but, still lacking in the customer care business, dirty bathrooms, up keep of the grounds, utilities etc. Not much better than the last time we stayed at Wright Patterson a few years ago. Due to budget cuts, word on Wright Patterson is they will be closing one of the golf courses, the tennis club and two other MWR facilities. It appears the Fam Camp is safe. Not enough can be stated how Wright Patterson Fam Camp is sitting on a gold mine due to its location. Has great potential, as stated below, but poorly managed and ran. But then you only hear of MWR crying about how they cannot make a buck. Run the place like you should and it will make a buck for you. Person in the office was telling campers for years that there was no wifi. This was not true. There was wifi in the office (free) for everyone to use. Been there for years. I would rather not speculate as to why someone in the office did not want to put that word out. Again, another example of the poor management of the Wright Patterson Fam Camp. Seems any good to be done at this Fam Camp is a uphill battle with one certain person in the office who does not want to change. When change will help the campers and generate more business. As stated in other reviews, they did finally open up the office area to campers for playing cards, getting together, using the wifi (that was there all along anyway), etc. But, as stated below the time when campers can use the facilities in the office is limited and needs to be expanded. There is a combo lock on the door to this rec area. Idea was for the campers to be given the combo number and enjoy TV, pool table, card table etc. Well you guessed it --- so we were told -- the woman who runs the place will not give out the combo number to campers. The TV in the laundry room still only displays a MWR ad. When asked what was wrong with the TV in the laundry room -- you guessed it -- we were told that "she" had the remote and will not let it go. So much for watching TV when doing clothes. Smokers, dog owners continue to come into the laundry room. As of June 2012 no large sign has been posted reminding people not to bring pets into the laundry room and no smoking in the bathrooms and laundry room. Personally we feel there should be no need to post this. It is common respect and doing the right thing. Seems some campers at Wright Patterson do not care. The row of homesteaders, where the back in spaces to the trees are, is down to about two or three homesteaders. Most of the homesteaders who were living there for years, yes years, have moved on. One of the homesteaders who believed he was the base commander, but never served a day in uniform, is finally gone. Double checked on the cost of tent camping. Yes, fee is $10.00 for each tent, screen house etc put up. Wow! Tent campers normally are the ones who do not have much money. Such as young military families. Someone needs to look into this over charging of tent campers and look into as to why tent campers cannot use the shower room in the RV park. The tent area is within hearing distance and a easy walk from the RV area. Hard to understand how tent camping can exceed the cost of a full hook up RV spot if they put up a few tents, screen house and so on. No improvements have been made to the tent area. Tent area is located by the old tables in the grassy area directly in front of the office. Hopefully, this campground will get better one day.
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