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First week of May 2012
(Updated: June 03, 2012)
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I have never seen a military, state, or federal campground do this: the woman who runs the Fam Camp at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio will charge $10.00 per night PER tent/item for the tent campers. Also, she tells them they are not permitted to use the shower room at the RV park (which is right at the tent area anyway). She tells them they can use the bathroom close to the tent area (has no shower room there). All is within eye ball distance of each other..RV park, office and tent area. Anyone heard of this nonsense at other places? She will charge $10 for the first tent. Add a child's small play tent or house and bammmm another $10 is charged. If you put up a screen house over the table, bammm another $10 is charged. This has just exceeded the cost of the full hook up spaces. It is not like they do not have the room for tent campers. They (MWR WP) is doing tent campers wrong. If a family of four come out = $10 for mom and dad's tent. $10 for each kid if they have smaller tents. Ten more for the screen house over the table -- or get eaten alive by the bugs (no bug spraying). Then if the kids put up some sort of small plastic play house, another $10 is charged! So that family pays: $50 to tent camp at WP! You would think tent campers would be given a break. Nope not here and not at WP by the woman who runs the place.
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