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Ohio 69097
July 1-5, 2009
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Interesting open-gate Ohio National Guard operated facility where most facilities (lodging, Exchange, RV Park) are also open to the public. New "military" rates for RV park which are rank-related (O-6 is $36/night) and about "market price" for area. No pets permitted although several were there while we were there but when you call for reservation they will tell you "no pets". Base and RV park getting ready for July 12 arrival of NRA Shooting matches which fills Camp Perry for about a month or so every summer. During our time, RV park about half full. Sites ok - strange water/electric hookup locations. Lodging staff (Bonnie) very nice. They give you a key to unlock water/electric. Time of year for May Flies when we were there but not too much trouble although pretty much all over your RV. AAFES small exchange open during week - not big but nice inventory and staff. No other place to eat on Camp Perry. Crowd is minimal except during shooting match time partly due to limited effort/interest in advertising (said they are worried about being perceived as competing with local civilian RV parks). Not bad place if on your way - or maybe weekend on Lake Erie short vacation.
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