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August 2020
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We knew we would be late arriving due to equipment problems and called ahead to let them know. The host was very pleasant and helpful, even texting us directions to the campground for after entering the base. The sites were fairly level and clean, the grounds were in good condition, and there were no obstructions near the road so I had no problem backing my 40-footer into a site. It is a bit of a drive around the flight line to get to the campground but not overly burdensome. The road that one must first turn left on (Spruce Way) from Gate 12A was closed for construction, which necessitated driving through a residential area to get to/from the campground if using that gate; usually after hours. We spoke to one of the guards who told us that we could exit through Gate 26A (Commercial Gate) if it's open when leaving with our coach. That advice was very helpful and got us on the road home a lot quicker. I'm a less than 100% disabled veteran and had no problem getting on the base. We arrived after Pass and Registration (and Gate 15A) had closed so entered through Gate 12A. They let us in with only a look at my VA Health Card and advised us to get properly checked-in as soon as possible, which we did. The check-in at Pass and Registration was quick and simple. They scan your VA Health ID Card and look at your other ID and guests' ID, fingerprint and take a photo of you and your guests for a background check, issue a pass to your guest(s), and explain how to enter the base. Your VHIC is good for entry for 3 years but the guest's pass is only 24 hours so they have to check-in at Pass and Registration every day. That's a bit of a hassle but never took very long. The AF Museum was great (as usual) and we even got a flyover by a flight of F-16s as we were leaving.
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