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August 6, 2018
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As a retired DoD Civilian with a DoD Civilian Retiree ID card, I generally have access to MWR facilities, including Air Force FamCamps. However, per official Air Force policy, my access is at the discretion of each base commander. Furthermore, my ID does not always allow me to sponsor my wife onto the bases where the base commander has chosen to allow me access to the base. For that reason, I generally call the base's Pass and ID office before a planned stay to determine whether or not I have access to the RV park and whether or not I can sponsor my wife onto the base or, alternatively, she is eligible for a visitor pass. When I called Wright-Patterson, I was told that I could sponsor my wife onto the base as long as she had a valid driver's license. Upon arrival, we showed our IDs and were waved onto base. After setting up at the FamCamp, we decided to visit the Wright Brothers shop in Dayton and have dinner off-base. When we returned to the gate, however, we were told that official base policy did NOT allow me to sponsor my wife onto the base and that she would have to wait at the (off-base) Air Force Inn while I packed up the RV. Finally, after considerable discussion, we were allowed an exception to base policy and allowed to complete our planned stay. That experience explains my individual ratings, fours across the board except for a one on the overall experience. Needless to say, we won't be visiting again.
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