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26 September 2019
(Updated: October 11, 2019)
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So the big thing for me with this campsite is the the basic functions of a military institution. I understand that there are patrons that enjoy to visit due to the museum and maybe even work on base, but allowing long term stays for 6 months without taking into consideration of family PCS moves is ridiculous! Overall cleanliness is great, sites are decent, and facilities are okay but require major updates. Some of the sites are placed in a manner that you have to back in against traffic and then drive down the street and pull a hard uturn if you need to enter the actual camp area to go dump...and unfortunately, all of these sites are not full hookups! The other big problem that this campsite can't help is that you will be driving for 15 minutes around the airstrip. Sites are priced very well. Nearby lake is okay. The camp host/managers are very nice. This base is so large! WHY is the famcamp as small as other small bases around the air force! Overall decent campsite.
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October 08, 2019
Your unit has a 1st sergeant, I'm quite sure. Maybe you should take your housing issue up with him versus trying to homestead in a designated recreation area.
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