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Ohio 69097
12-19 June 2007
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Camp Perry Ohio NG base. At Port Clinton along the western edge of lake Erie. A new 40 site CG with FHU's level asphalt back in sites. There was only one other camper here when we checked in, an Active duty guy apparently here for work. Nice quiet place, except for the kids marching and hollering cadence. Two bar Verizon signal. No cable but there are no trees (yet, several small ones have been planted) so I got a clear shot with the dish. Several off air local channels including a couple from Canada. Tried to call for a reservation but no one answered the phone at the conference center (Bldg 600). You check in at the Conference center then they tell you to go pick a site then come back to pay. All the hook ups are locked and they give you a key after you pay. Didn't matter that we didn't have a reservation, when I checked in the girl on the desk said I was her first RV of the year. This place is a little pricey for what it offers. $29 a night for nothing but a parking space with FHU's. The post has a small BX and a post laundry. A nice fishing pier and beach is available. All in all we think this is a pretty nice place and would stop by again if in the area. I understand it will get really crowded during the annual shooting contest in July so if planning a trip then you will definately need a reservation. Check the Camp website for dates.
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