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Jan 2019
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The hidden Gem of Gem City is tarnished...the overall cost of WPAFB FAMCAMP is now too high IMHO. This used to be a very reasonable campground that charged about $17/night. New policies in place and the nightly rate has skyrocketed to $25/night. The overall cost doesn't sound ridiculous, but the campground doesn't offer much of anything in the way of amenities. The only thing going is free electric and you get to hear the National Anthem played every evening at 1700. There are no playgrounds, there are no dog runs, the water pressure is beyond poor, and you can't even fully enjoy Bass Lake because the floating dock is submerged because the contractor didn't build it right during the last fix. They do have decent bathrooms with showers, and there is a small laundry facility on site, and they do have a very limited WIFI connection (you have to be sitting right outside the shower house to get a signal). We enjoy the company of folks who stayed at and managed this campground in the past. We frequent this campground to visit family in the local area almost yearly, so it pains me to see it heading this route. I'm sure a few of our friends are still camping and working at the campground as well. We even helped maintain the campground by cutting grass and helping with landscaping when we stayed here in 2016. The sense of community and the amount of effort folks put in to keep the campground looking good and being a friendly place to stay was remarkable.
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