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Aug 28 - Sep 2, 2018
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We Came in on tuesday prior to Labor Day weekend. We were told that the spots are reserved and will be assigned a spot we get our spot and the rules of the canpground and one of the first rules on the page is “ campground sites are first come first serve” so why not be able to pick the spot you want..oh maybe because friends of friends reserved the entire middle section and have connections that we dont. We had a great week until fri when labor day weekend started and pretty much EVERY rule was broken and no body seemed to care. It says no more than 2 dogs on each rv site and must be leashed the lady two sites infront of us had three dogs on her site none of which were on leashes and attaching the lease to the dog but to nothjng else doesnt count they just ran around everywhere. Then they had friends come in that brought two more dogs and they just kept adding up. Then you have tenters on an rv site when it shows tent site on map in the field. The tents were not 15 ft alart like it states they need to be in rules you had people parked on the grass like it states not to do in the rules. Then it states per rv site you are only allowed to have one dinning tent and thats it nope people had rv on their site with sleeping tents and dinning tents. Lets move on to the quiet times wow there is NONE 1130 at night you still had kids running around screaming and carring on on their bikes scooters racing each other up and down the street campers coming in around 10pm just getting there to set up when quiet time is notes from 10pm-8am. It was crazy. Now i understand its a holiday weekend but people can still be respectful and should still have to abide by every rule listed. Esp for the amount you have to pay here per night you would think the rules would be inforced not everyone comes out on holiday weekends to party and cut up we have small kids whos bedtime is 9-10pm and trying to get them to sleep at this place was a nightmare once fri came around. We were really looking forward to our stay here as it is a nice well kept campground and really nice beach but that did not happend once the holiday weekend came and we never saw anyone checking up on campground to make sure the rules wernt being broken and if they did they obveously didnt care that they were breaking them. 
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