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4.5 48
North Dakota 51491
July 1-10 2017
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This is a small, out of the way place. It is quiet and friendly. The base is small too so if you need to go to the commissary or PX, its a short hop. The nearest population center, Grand Forks, is about 15 miles away. There is a Walmart closer. The biggest down side of the RV area is that the hook-ups are placed weird. There are only a few sites where you won't be challenged trying to hook up to everything. For me, the electric pedestal was a little tough. The sewer connections are smooth bore without a threaded end to secure the hose and there aren't any sand bags or even rocks or branches around to help. Overall, it is a nice little park and your choices in this area are few. The Outdoor Rec folks are pleasant and helpful. I didn't try the USPS General Delivery on base but I think that it is do-able. If you have pets, there is a tick problem. There are also mosquitoes when the wind is down. The contract lawn maintenance seems to come through once a week and they start a little early (8'ish). The laundry room and bathrooms are pretty good.
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