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North Dakota 44490
26 - 28 June 2012
(Updated: October 12, 2012)
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Other than being a little far from the city of Grand Forks, we enjoyed our stay here on the way to Alaska. The campground is in an old demolished housing area, so the hookups are a little strange. Where we were parked near the restrooms, I would have needed 30 ft of sewer hose to reach the connection from our 23 ft trailer. Fortunately we didn't need to dump at the site, and used the dump station on the way out. Everything else worked, good power, good cable, good water, etc. The WiFi was a little iffy, because the Barn Swallows had built a massive mud nest over the antenna. You could get a reliable signal by going inside the laundry, but watch for the bird droppings. The base facilities are good although not the biggest we have seen. Personnel at the Outdoor Rec office were very friendly and helpful. And, there is a very impressive display on the history of the base next to the commissary. I recommend you take a stroll around that. If we come this way again, we'll stay here again, although we did get a little tired of being jolted out of bed by Reveille each morning. The speakers are huge and very near the campground.
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