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North Dakota 44776
8 May 2011 to 16 May 2011
(Updated: May 16, 2011)
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First off the price of 60 dollars a week is hard to beat so I tolerated the fact that my faucet didn't work and two days later I got a splitter to connect into and had to run over 80ft of hose or that of the only 6 spots 3 where homesteaders that were waiting for housing or that my homesteader next to me had 3 dogs of which two where over 100 pounds and not ONE time did I see them clean up after them there was no smell but a sight to be hold because I didn't need to go to the mountains I plenty in view. the dogs were hooked on about 6ft of line as the rules states but don't quite think that's what they meant (the leash rule was for walking them and never ever noticed that) or the fact that the one is trained to whine when it wants back in even if the family of 3 are gone from there 30ft trailer with there 3 dogs that really feel that they can park on the grass with there two trucks or play music late and no I never said anything because 60 dollars is a real good deal, but on the high side other then the really good deal is that the Base is great and I drank alot to enjoy my really good deal but will pass if that is how it will be if I stop by again.
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