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North Dakota 44490
27 Jun - 10 Jul 2020
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Overall we enjoyed our visit here. Movie Theater, Library, etc. were all closed due to COVID so can't comment much on these. Outdoor Rec office is currently manned for phone contact 10AM - 3PM Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri. Upon arrival proceed directly to the campground. Take any open site and then call the office to check-in. There is a decoy WiFi network at the campground. I say decoy because you can see and connect to it, but the router is not actually connected to the internet. Most of the sites are out in the open but there are a few at the North end that have shade trees. I am attaching a few pictures of the North end sites to show how far away some of the hookups can be. Extra sewage hose if required because the sewage connection is located at the very back of the site on the wrong side.We were in two different spots during our stay; we moved to a shadier spot midway through. The first spot required slightly over 40' of electric cable and 20' of sewage hose. The second spot required 15' of electric cable and 35' of sewage hose.
Grand Forks AFB FamCamp
Grand Forks AFB FamCamp
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