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North Dakota 44490
July 18 - 21, 2019
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We enjoyed our 3-day visit to the base and FamCamp. Real relaxing and quiet. This is one extremely quiet base. We hardly saw any activity going on. The Outdoor Rec staff were very nice and welcoming. They stated the FamCamp never gets full. Even if it did, there's plenty of overflow (dry) and tent spaces. The FamCamp is well taken care of, although the restrooms and showers are getting old. Regardless, they were fairly clean. Laundry is available at the FamCamp with 2 washers for $1.50 and 2 dryers for $1. The exchange and commissary on base are smaller, but have a good variety. We went to the movies and was surprised to see the new movie (Lion King) was released that day ($6). We did have problems with our sewer connection, as my 20' hose wouldn't reach. We just dumped when we left. We saw others who had problems with electric hook-ups and had to go purchase a long 30amp extension. Be aware of the placement of the hook-ups when you select your site. Overall, a very nice visit and we will be back. We even told each other that we'd like to stay here for two weeks next time.
Look at your hook-up placement.
Look at your hook-up placement.
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