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15 - 21 April 2015
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Overall this is a good spot. Great location, not to crowded - however, I do have a couple 'complaints'. When we made our reservations, we asked for a specific site. We were told it wouldn't be a problem because this time of year didn't have may RV'ers. When we arrived, The site we asked for was already taken - funny thing... every other site was open. There was no one else there. Pretty disappointed about that. Next, 32$ a night seemed a little high for a military base, but it was cheaper than staying out in town at a local RV park. The small PX that is right there on site has NO camping supplies - it has plenty of beer, hotdogs, chips and sand castle building supplies. You would think that they, MCCS would carry a small about of RV/Camping supplies for those unforeseen emergencies that we have from time to time. Beware that there is a contracted lawn service that is "up and moving" at 7:30 am on Saturday mornings (in the rain, none the less) Lastly the fresh water hook ups will be in your 'front yard' and the sewer lines are very far forward and uphill, so you'll need supplies to run your hose UP HILL to empty - plus your neighbors septic is also in your front yard. Its not terrible, but on experience, the hook ups are usually far enough back, that this isn't normally a concern. The only way to fix this issue was to basically have our trailer so far forward, that our hitch was almost in the road. I'm not trying to bash this place, it is a great location, they have clean showers and a decent laundry facility - I just want to bring attention to issues that we delt with on our trip.
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