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March 17, 2013
(Updated: March 18, 2013)
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I gave this facility low ratings due to my experience with the MWR person in the office. My wife and I drove from Laurinburg to view the site prior to bringing our Motor Home. I stood in the office and was ignored by David the Host. Mr Knight, Custodial Worker, came in and politely greeted me. David still ignored me. I then asked him for directions to the RV campground. Without looking at me he said "we are full." I said I only want to look at the campground. He finally turned around and said' "no use looking we are full and we are constructing some new sites they will be open in April." I then said we only want to look at the campground I do not have my coach with me. He said "We are full" and then turned back to his computer and ignored me. I turned to leave and Mr Knight was following me out and I asked him if this was how they treated customers and military personnel. Mr Knight then apologized for Ft. Bragg and MWR. Mr Knight, although he was off the time clock, took me to the clay target campground. Mr Knight is an asset to this organization. My Wife and I have stayed at military campgrounds from Washington State to Sigsbee Fl., and many other military campgrounds between. This is the first time I have encountered this type of disrespect.
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October 24, 2013
Did you write him up? As a former Navy Seal (Team II) and then injured beyond repair by the business end of 4 AK-47 rounds) I was awaiting my medical discharge and they placed me in MWR. I hated the work because it wasn't what I was born to do. However, I was always courteous especially to vets who went before me. I learned quickly that the only way to get the knuckle-heads a attitude adjustment or out of the military is to run these situations up the flag pole. No 0-5 wants to be bothered by some dumb-ass who can't do his job and you know what flows down-hill! I suggest you call and complain vehemently about the one guy and praise the crap out of the other guy. I'm sure you are not the first one who was treated rudely by this numb-nut!
Happy camping - Fair winds and following seas!
May 21, 2014
If you look at my review, this is habit for this office staff. They are HORRIBLE!!!!! There's no use in complaining to the Manager, she's useless & defends their poor behavior constantly! These are contract workers which pretty much makes them untouchable with a license to be rude & crude!
2 results - showing 1 - 2