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(Updated: December 24, 2010)
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I am not going to sugarcoat this, as I do not plan on coming back except for an overnight stay. 1. Location: Close to Ft Bragg, this is a plus. The road to the RV camp leaves very much to be desired. To navigate the front entrance you must climb your RV over a very steep railroad tracks and without exception, scrap bottom. (Note the large long scars at the entrance.) To come in the back way you must travel down a long, dusty, bumpy gravel road. There is an alternate back road just as you leave Honeycutt Road, (first right turn) go down the smaller dirt road. This is a can do for smaller rigs and cars, low hanging tree limbs will damage the bigger rigs. 2. Cleanliness/Hospitality: This depends on who is on that day. At the desk everyone is nice and friendly but the overall manager can be hard to deal with at times. She makes up the rules as she goes along. They do have contract grounds maintenance people that do a fantastic job. However, there is no cleaning of the RV camp on a daily basis. The fire rings are being used for trash burning and trash litters the grounds. I watched a discarded Styrofoam container lay on the ground close to two weeks just to see how long it would take for it to be picked up. The park manager should make a visual inspection each morning and assign duties as needed to the working staff. It appears that they like to stay around the office when not “doing anything”. 3. Amenities/Facilities: If you are lucky you can have a table. Be careful of sitting on them because they have some very sharp edges on some. If you stay in a cabin, for God’s sake, do not move one to the front of your cabin! Nowhere in the “rules” does it say this but like I said before…the overall manager makes up the rules on the fly. She did this to one soldier who was told by a previous manager he could. He selected a table from and empty site but was rudely told to put it back and clean up the road where they brought it over. He vows to never come back and is advising all his buddies not to come here either. You may have a fire every night if you wish, fire rings are provided however they are so deep that grilling on them is pretty much out of the question. The woods have pretty much been cleaned of firewood so you may have to purchase some from a local vendor. 4. Cabins: They should be known as “Party Cabins and/or Party Houses”. Large numbers of young soldiers book these on the weekends and raise hell all night. These should NOT be located close to the RV'ers who just want to live a peaceful life without all the loud noise, screaming yelling drunks, and thumping music. 5. Value: About the same price as most MWR parks. However, NOT NEARLY as nice as you would think a post like Fort Bragg would have. It seems there is very little money spent here. Some of the older sites have not been improved since they were first put in almost 20 years ago. These sites are very unlevel (a large mound of crushed rock) and impossible to get some RVs level on them. The older sites are all ass-backwards as far as hookups, electric on the correct side but sewer and water hookups are on the wrong side. You must either use your neighbor’s sewer or drag yours under your rig risking a spill and causing a safety hazard for falling. Three days before we left the electrical box on our site went bad, for three days we reported it. It wasn’t fixed when we left but our plug in had been fried. 6. Overall Experience: Well, if you stay inside your rig so you don’t have to breath the dust from the vehicles speeding by your site, (yes, even the MPs and staff, worst violators) then you may have a pleasant stay. This is the only MWR where we have experienced this. Barking dogs…there aren’t any rules enforce on this issue. On one occasion I almost got into a fight with a soldier who let his two full-grown Rottweilers and German Shepard run loose. We found a pile of dog crap at our front door on one occasion. The German Shepard was then tied up and barked non-stop for 3 hours. When I ask the guy to shut the dog up he said they were authorized to have dogs here. I said, “I’m authorized to have an air-horn on my RV but I don’t honk it all day long. The Rottweilers were locked up in the house when a sign says, “no pets”. The hard working staff are overworked and the not so hard working staff slide. Young workers are given “gators” which they speed around on and doing very little work. When I ask one to slow it down I was given an attitude “stare” or a “hateful look” every time he went by. Helicopters fly overhead most of the day until up to 0200 (2:00 AM) but this is to be expected, as the RV camp is located on the edge of a helicopter base. Grin and bear it. This has the potential of being a very; very nice campground if it had proper management and support from the Fort Bragg Commander. Change the management and allot funding would be the best thing MWR could do here.
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May 21, 2014
TAAAA DAAAA! Truth be told!
Office staff= HORRIBLE PEOPLE! But, they copy their Manager!
Everything you said about this place us absolutely true! My family has vowed NEVER to go back!
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