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North Carolina 58210
May 17, 2009
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We arrived late on a Sunday afternoon with no reservation. When we came into the back gate, the guard directed us, but only partway. The famcamp turn sign from the main road was where she said it would be, but the next required turn was not marked at all, so we drove right on by. Eventually, we stopped at the paintball combat clubhouse and a nice lady told us the exact road to turn on. They really need better guidance to get from the gate to the CG. Later, when I went to S-J AFB famcamp's own website, they had a map indicating what street to turn on which, by the way, is Fickel Street. There is no camp host. The sites have large concrete pads, while the road around the CG is hard sand and pine needles. As noted in other reviews, the CG is small, and in a remote, wooded area of the base. As we made a pass-thru look, we came across the rig with the three yapping little dogs mentioned in another review. We made a point of moving on around to site #10 with w/e only, since we were only staying one night. Sunday night was pleasantly fact, we heard no "sounds of freedom" at all from the air ops side of the base. Totally silent, but for the songs of birds...lovely (the yapping dogs were on the other side of the CG and since it was raining, they were always inside). The bath house is a two-holer: one for men, one for women. That means one at a time for showers & toilet. Since the CG wasn't full, this wasn't a problem, but it could be during peak summer with overflow and tenters added in. The bath house was clean and well supplied. Interestingly, the bath house is a modular prefab that sits up high off the ground. To make it handicap accessible, they built a deck with a ramp. Inside, the bath and space is configured for accessibility. The problem is, whoever built the deck completely lost sight of the accessibility rationale, because the deck is a full ten inches below the threshold of the doors. Wheelchair access therefore stops at the doors to the restrooms, unless you have a strong assistant to haul you over the big step up. The BX and the commissary are mid-sized facilities that are well-stocked and quite adequate. The base gas station had a surprisingly large, well-stocked shopette and Class VI store. Unless you have relatives or some specific reason to be in this area of North Carolina, it's probably not a destination kind of famcamp, but was fine
for a one-night stop on our way north. As for internet access, we have a SPRINT AIR CARD and 3G EVDO reception here was excellent for high speed access.
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