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Nov 2008
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I agree with all the positives about this campground but being as this was first military campground my reference point is limited. We liked it enough to go back after we visited Navy Rec Area on Lake Moultrie, SC and then headed to MD. As far as negatives, the Marine Officer wrote about the bathroom conditions. What did you do to solve the problem. I am sure you wouldn't look the other way if that was an active duty head. I saw the problem, went to manager, cleaned within (2) hours including the toilet paper spitballs. I am assuming most people using the campgrounds are retired E6-E9 and W1-O6. I wouldn't take crap conditions when I was on active duty E9(NAVY) I sure as hell am not going to take crap conditions from civilians who I pay through my fees. The staff was excellent, the rec office where I got my propane was good and in general the place was nice. As retired senior enlisted and officers it is up to make them accountable if we want nice facilities. I am drafting letter to CO/Rec officer about plus side and negative and tell them to read the reviews on this site. I am going to specifically address what we are giving the camp hosts. NEVER saw them both times I was there. As a minimum they should have telephone line/phone supplied by base and when I check in to office, office calls them, tells what site I am going to and they should be there to offer assistance, little spiel about the base, emergency procedures and answer questions. Otherwise they are useless. Real important to first timer to the location. Remember we are the solution or we are the problem. These campgrounds are good deals compared to commercial ones and I want to keep everyone. Sincerely, NAVYBLUE Spending my kids inheritance one day at a time !!!
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