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July 08
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As a retired Marine Officer it pains me to write this review. The recent experience I had at the Onslow Site was not pleasant. The staff workers, though courteous, were part of the problem. They claimed to have no sites available, but the multiple sites empty after closing time were also open in the morning. I was given a site, allowed to set up my RV only to have an office staffer come and tell me that the site I was on was reserved for someone else and I would have to leave the campsite because there was no room for me. They have two camp hosts, one only talks to his group of people and the other you never see. The host at site 13 left a note on his site saying he was off-duty and go see the host at site 15. Funny thing is the host at site 15 left the same note on his site saying to go to site 13. The rest rooms were old and not clean, someone tossed toilet paper on the ceiling and it is still there, black smudges in the showers, and the laundry facilities were not user friendly. The location is awesome, but the facilities and the administration are not on par with the other military campgrounds.
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June 30, 2009
As a retired Army officer, I was taught not to jump to conclusions until I had thoroughly researched the problem. No one approached either camp host during this period about the restrooms being unsatisfactory. Since the hosts are on duty between 6pm and 8am, if the problem had been brought to their attention, it would have been taken care of.
In regard to camp host duties, there are very specific things that we do. After the reservations office closes, the camp host perform a variety of duties. We check people in that come in after hours and have responsibility for the entire beach area: all rv sites, all cabanas, lodges, modular units. We patrol the beach to make sure that everything is secure. In the event of emergencies, we are responsible for getting whatever services are required to address the emergency. In total, there are almost 150 lodging units and rv sites spread out over the 3 mile stretch.
Onslow Beach has two campground hosts who alternate tours of duty, usually one week on and one week off.
Repeatedly, there are constant complaints about campground hosts in military campgrounds but unless the complainer understands the duties of the host at a particular campground, it is unfair to hold someone accountable for something that is not considered the host's duties. Without hosts, I suspect that camping fees would go up because someone would have to be paid to do these jobs.
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