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North Carolina 135568
8/7/2007 to 8/13/2007
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We have stayed in numerous military recreation areas throughout the United States and Europe, this by far was the most run down, filthiest place we have ever stayed in, military or civilian. We stayed in the Marsh Landing Rooms which looked like old single Officer or Staff NCO quarters. The room needed to be updated, the furniture was falling apart, and the room was filthy. The entire room smelled of mildew. There was visible mildew on the walls and ceiling of the sleeping area and bathroom. There was black mold growing out of the shower head and the knobs to turn on the bath were full of mold. The entire room was equally as disgusting. The room was infested with ants and those large roaches that the south is famous for. The bed spread was covered in stains and smelled like it had not been washed in weeks. We had to ask twice to get someone to come and clean the room and it took them three days to get around to cleaning it. The entire time we were there they never came around and switched out the towels or cleaned the room on a daily basis, we had to ask for clean towels about half way through our stay. This place needs to be either updated or closed down. I would imagine it is not very healthy to be exposed to that much mold and mildew. I do not understand why the Air Force allows this place to continue to operate in this condition, I have always been impressed with the Air Force standard of living until now.
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