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December 2021
(Updated: December 22, 2021)
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Once I finally made it past the multiple [unnecessarily pop-up] ads on what used to be a great website, I decided it was time to update the reviews for Seymour Johnson FamCamp. (Editor's note: Unfortunately, the ads are required to pay for the website and keep it free for everyone.) There are 24 total sites here now, with the first 6 set aside for temporary, 14 day, stays. There the rate is $25/day. Oddly enough, as another reviewer noted, the long-term sites are $26/day, which is of course the opposite policy of most other DOD campgrounds. WiFi for the short term area works perfectly; the passwords for connecting are posted near the sites. WiFi for the long term area only works in the inner circle. So, if you don’t want to spend an additional dollar a day for LESS service, rotate in and out of short term stay and have great WiFi. Nevertheless, the staff have been very helpful (Tori/Sherry and others). It seems they want to answer the phone only if you call twice in a row; I suppose they must be multi-tasking. To register at the Outdoor Rec Office: go through the front gate and you’re on Wright Brothers Rd, after it curves around the medical center, make the second left onto Andrews St after the static aircraft displays. The Outdoor Recreation office is actually on the flight line/golf course end of Andrews Street, not on Goodson Street as stated above. The campground is on the opposite end of Andrews St, at the end of which you make one turn left onto Jabara and then a quick right onto Fickel St. You can’t see the other RVs there because of the fantastic trees that surround the campground, but head down Fickel, it’s there. If you see the Thrift Shop sign, you’re very close. At the Outdoor Rec office there is a great little restaurant because of the golf course that USED TO BE there. Outside you’ll see a nice walking path around the small lake on the course, as well. If you ask for a base map at Outdoor Rec, they have them, but they are rather old (2012) and the major buildings you would need to be labeled on it aren’t. Pen in the labels or just make your own map. The only noise we heard in the campground was from the awesome F15 sorties. This is also an air refueling base, so you’ll hear those wonderful KC-135s lumbering about too. Oh, and we could hear the critters scurrying in the forest. NOTE: Neither Google, Waze nor Apple Maps apps would accurately guide us around town or on base at all. Fortunately, both are small and fairly easy to navigate. There are great restaurants here (try Carl and Chelle’s Grill Room—the owners slice up your steak off a side of beef right there while you watch and then grill it to perfection. THE BEST! And Mezcalita’s on Berkeley St, the road directly out the front gate that leads you to just about anything you need.) Here’s a link to the Base Directory:
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