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North Carolina 152438
Mar & June, 2021
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Fort fisher is a very run down facility. The bath house is got leaking fixtures and staps are very steep. Doors hard to open. The two visits this year the grass was knee high. Take extra hoses and cords. Even the new spots are not Rv friendly. The water hookups leak and I saw a worker just put a bucket over the hook up so it would not spray on the camper made nice wet spot on ground. Fire ants are all around campground. If you complain, the worker will sprinkle an ant killer out and next a big mound 5 feet away. Tried to tell a manager name Brain they he could get an extermator and they would guarantee it for a year. He got really rude and said he runs the place not me. Now the wifi is terrible it will not load and just dump you and you have to sign in again. Very very slow. The cable TV is bad too. It buffers a lot never seen so bad of a cable service. go to office , it as if they don't care, it's just a job. It nothing to watch the workers just ride around on lawn movers and golf carts stopping and talking to each other. This was a great place 5 years ago. One worker told me that he was looking hard for new job because of the lack of supervision. This year the price almost doubled, it would be fine if it was a class A site but nothing works as they say it does so why jack up the price. I've stayed at alot of military campgrounds and this is by far the worst for the price. Location is great and could be a great vacation site with so work.
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