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July 2021
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This is an outstanding Campground/Facility. It is right next to the beach, it has everything that attracts most campers. Full Hookups (including 50 AMP) and the only thing it lacks is a good Mart to purchase food/groceries. There is a MCX Mart but you can thing of it as a high end 7/11. Definitely nice but not the type of place you can get groceries for cooking if you are staying say, a week (hence my four starts on Amenities/Facilities). Having said that, you can find anything your heart desires by driving seven miles Nortwest to the main complex, and by anything I mean ANYTHING! Just as I read in the comments, service at the reservation office appears to find its balance by swinging from one extreme to the other and it is hit or miss. When we checked in on Saturday, the reception could not have been more helpful, pleasant and professional. My immediate thought was, "it seems they likely addressed the customer service "opportunities" here. Overall it was a wonderful and outstanding experience. We've liked it here so much that we went to the office this morning looking to book, with our fingers crossed, another week at a later time next month. The lady at the desk could not possibly have been more unwilling to help. She dismissed us right away by saying "everything is booked through November" which could very well be the true and the one question she is asked every fifteen minutes. Had she faked looking at her system for cancelations (we hadn't even provided dates to her yet), I would have been perfectly cool with it yet she did not. She spent more time dismissing our inquiry than would have taken her to look and see if there was anything available, even after I told her that the very reservation we are currently enjoying was booked a short three weeks ago. Classic Customer Service 101 that seemed unattainable today. We'll go back tomorrow in hopes that the pendulum swings in the other direction and some one at least "fakes" looking for availability. This place is simply Outstanding.
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